Drinking Liberally


“An informal, inclusive progressive social group. Raise your spirits while you raise your glass, and share ideas while you share a pitcher. Drinking Liberally gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to talk politics. You don’t need to be a policy expert and this isn’t a
book club – just come and learn from peers, trade jokes, vent frustration and hang out in an environment where it’s not taboo to talk politics.

Bars are democratic spaces – you talk to strangers, you share booths, you feel the bond of common ground. Bring democratic discourse to your local democratic space – build democracy one drink at a time.

While drinking liberally, always remember to drink responsibly, and make liberal use of designated drivers. Drinking and driving is reckless and irresponsible, like a neocon war or corporatist tax cut. Liberals, don’t do it.

Where did Drinking Liberally come from?

It began in New York City in May, 2003, when it felt as though the politicians, press and public were giving conservative cons a free pass. It began as one-part support group and one-part strategy session, playing with slogans and ideas we thought Democrats needed to be saying.

Occasionally, we bring in group questions, or talking points to back up the buttons. Sometimes our group list shares articles and forwards. But mostly, we keep it non-programmatic and free-flowing and create a space where people learn about each other’s ideas, activities and enlarge a circle of progressive friends.

Who is behind all this?

Drinking Liberally is a project of Living Liberally, an organization which builds progressive communities through social networks and events. Living Liberally is a New York-based LLC, led by a team in NYC and fueled by the energy of hundreds of volunteers and partners around the country.

Drinking Liberally was founded in New York City in May, 2003 by Justin Krebs and Matthew O’Neill. With the help of David Alpert, DL went national in the summer of 2004; and with the work of Katrina Baker, that network expanded to 100 chapters by September, 2005. It is still growing today.”

Regular Meetings
Drinking Liberally meets every Wednesday at 6pm at The Shanty.


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